ZONE 0 Hazardous Gas Detector Cass 1 Division 1 (NFPA 70) IMC Zone 0 AEx ma ia IIC T6Potted, Intrinsically Safe

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ZONE 0 Hazardous Gas Detector

The Hazardous Gas Detector protects process rooms and other locations where Methane, Natural gas, Propane , or Hydrogen may be present by monitoring hazardous gas levels. For Meth-ane, concentrations of 5% to 15% mixed with air can be explo-sive. Sparks or hot surfaces can ignite them. The Methane gas detector will provide a warning and facilitate dissipation of the hazardous gas, by operating alarms and exhaust fans before it reaches the lower explosive limit of 5%. The Alarm is set for 1%.

In addition to protecting your property and employees, cost savings are also realized. Explosion Prevention Syst ems (NFPA 69) prevent downtime. I nsurance premiums may be reduced as a result of a Methane gas detector installation. Electricity costs decrease as a result of controlled exhaust fan operation rather than continuous fan operation. Air conditioning and heating costs are also reduced as a result of the controlled fan opera-tion.

Three models are available in AC ; Methane, Hydrogen, and Propane

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Protects life, property and profits against Li Ion runaway gas explosions


  • Continuous monitoring of Methane, Propane or Hydrogen gas level
  • Automatic operation
  • Monitors Hydrogen, Methane, Ethane, and COwith alarm activation
  • LED status display
  • Reliable, highly sensative, highly stable, solid state intrinsically safe sensor, Potted cir-cuit. Field replaceable pre-calibrated sensor module.
  • Simple Installation
  • Long operating life

Explosion Prevention Systems (NFPA 69, Chap 8) and NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technology Code compliant. They are "Nonincendive" and meet Class 1 Division 2 (NEC) Hazardous Atmosphere codes CE E x G NFPA 855.


  • Protects against Methane, Propane, or Hydrogen explosions
  • Inexpensive protection for your property and employees
  • Decreases electricity costs as a result of con-trolled exhust fan operation
  • Insurance premium reduction may be realized
  • Reduces air conditioning and heating costs as a result of controlled fan operation
  • Reliable, uninterupted 24/7 monitoring and control
  • Simple operation

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LXWXH)
    5” 3/4 X 3” 1/4 X 2 3/8
  • Mounting
    Four 3/16-inch screws
  • Warranty
    Five year warranty

Models & Part Numbers

  • 099180 Class 1 Div.1, ZONE 0 Hydrogen Detector 85 to 265 VAC 50/60Hz
  • 099181 Class 1 Div.1, ZONE 0 Metane Detector 85 to 265 VAC 50/60Hz
  • 099182 Class 1 Div.1, ZONE 0 Propane Detector 85 to 265 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Wire Color
    Black AC Power in
    Green Ground
    White AC power in
  • Relay 1% Signal Points
    Yellow NO
    Brown Common
    Orange NC
  • Relay 2% Signal Points
    Blue NO
    Blue Common